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Freeze Product, Preserve Profits

Updated: Feb 5

We're well aware this isn't ground-breaking, rocket science level information here, but for small businesses, or businesses of any size for that matter, cash flow is king, and you'd be surprised how easily suboptimal management of your inventory can affect it. This comes into play even more so when you're an operation like ours that does private events.

We get booked to serve for N number of guests, which in turn influences how much product we'll purchase to be prepared to meet the event's demand. At the end of the day, any leftover raw material from the event can increase our profit margin, and more importantly, our cash flow, but only if the inventory is properly preserved. To be clear, it's only good for future use if we can produce the quality product we expect from our operation.

Checkout the quick video below where Joey demonstrates how we specifically approach with our Vienna Beef hot dogs and S.Rosen poppy seed buns:

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