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The Origin Story

In late 2018, when reminiscing about the childhood hot dog vendors that once existed in their neighborhood, and were a summertime staple, cousins Joey and Mikey began to research how to legitimately bring that classic hot dog cart concept back to the Bridgeport area. They found the Chicago Park District's concession program that enabled food and retail vendors to operate on park district property. After some brainstorming, a few spreadsheets, and attending an informational session hosted by the Park District's concession contractor, "More Than Dawgs" was born in early 2019! The name is a reflection of the strength of the founders' relationship, and their longterm ambitions to expand the menu beyond hot dogs. 


The OG Cart

The original workhorse! Ordered and freight shipped from the Hot Dog Cart Store in Tennessee!

The Mobile Kitchen

The powerhouse! An 8' x 16' trailer, custom designed with the full gambit of commercial grade equipment including onboard refrigeration, steam table, range stovetop burners, large griddle, and a deep fryer.  

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